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Chakra Stones

  1. garnet/black obsidian/smoky quartz
  2. carnelian/Mexican fire opal
  3. tiger”s eye/citrine
  4. green jade/aventurine/rose quartz/watermelon tourmaline
  5. azurite/lapis lazuli
  6. sodalite/sugalite/amethyst/purple fluorite/clear quartz
  7. amethyst/clear quartz/blue,white or gold fluorite
  1. GOLD
  3. PEARL
  5. CAT’S-EYE
  7. CORAL

MONDAY: pearl/moonstone


WEDNESDAY: sapphire

THURSDAY: garnet

FRIDAY: emerald

SATURDAY: diamond

SUNDAY: topaz

SPRING: peridot/amethyst/pink topaz/morganite

SUMMER: ruby/fire opal/pyrope garnet/uvarovite garnet

AUTUMN: golden topaz/sapphire/smoky quartz/tourmaline

WINTER: moonstone/rock crystal/turquoise/labradorite

AQUARIUS: Jan. 20-Feb. 18  garnet/turquoise/hawk’s-eye

PISCES: Feb. 19-March 20 amethyst

ARIES: March. 21- April 20 red jasper/bloodstone/carnelian and diamond

TAURUS: April 21- May20 rose quartz/carnelian/saphire

GEMINI: May 21-June 20 citrine/tiger’s eye/agate

CANCER: June21- July 20 emerald/chrysoprase/aventurine

LEO: July21-Aug.21 rock crystal/onyx/citrine

VIRGO: Aug22.-Sept.22 yellow agate/carnelian/citrine

LIBRA: Sept23.-Oct.22 smoky quartz/citrine/peridot

SCORPIO: Oct23.-Nov.22 red carnelian/aquamarine/sard

SAGITTARIUS: Nov.23-Dec.20 chalcedony/topaz

CAPRICORN: Dec.21-Jan.19 ruby/onyx/cat’s-eye



Amethyst Gemstones Jewellery

Image of an Amethyst cluster



COLORS: Beautiful Shades of violet to royal deep purples. Some will reflect a fire of red and some a mystical blue.

SOURCES: India, Sri-Lanka, (red tinges) the Ural mountains of Russia, (Royal Purple) Brazil

FACTS: Amethyst is a Quartz Crystal and the most precious of these stones. From the Greek Amethustos.

Ametrine = part citrine and part amethyst. When Amethyst is heated it can actually turn as yellow as citrine and it is very difficult to tell the difference. The best Ametrine is from Bolivia and South-America.

Legend tells that when the god Bacchus became infuriated with mortals and swore to kill the next that crossed his path. A young Dione maiden crossed his path as she went to worship at the shrine of Diana. As Bacchus lions tore her apart her screams caught Diana’s attention and she turned the maiden into a statue of clear quartz crystal. Bacchus became even more furious with his defeat and smashed a goblet of wine against the crystallized statue turning it to purple.

HEALING: As one of the most healing stones Amethyst can be used in the cleansing of other stones and some believe medical tools.

Amethyst boosts the immune system and can be placed in a glass of purified water over night, removing the stone the next morning the infused water can be taken as a tonic (sorta works like Red-Bull without the sugar)

Mineral Baths often place large clusters of Amethyst crystal in the water for purification of the mind, body and spirit.

When feeling devoid of energy I will recommend a amethyst bath for three nights, I believe this to alleviate headaches and tension of the muscles.

Amethyst is great for combatting boredom and puts a bounce back in your step.

MAGICAL POWERS: Amethyst is the “über” Spiritual Crystal and associated with the third eye. It opens the path to psychic abilities works on “right brain” (known as the creative side),activity and is the leading stone of the seventh chakra.

When worn on the LEFT wrist it enables foresight and divination.

Amethyst is the “high-stone” of good fortune and happiness.


Adularia Moonstone Jewellery

Image of Adularia


COLORS: Colorless and sometimes shaded in soft colors of cloudy grey enhanced by a pearly lustre.

(Easily mistaken with Labradorite)

SOURCES: Switzerland, Brazil, Madagascar, Burma, Myanmar, India, USA and Australia

FACTS: It is a type of Moonstone of little monetary value. However the rarer stones with a slight blue reflection is prized amongst collectors and stone dealers.

HISTORY AND LORE: The stone is representative of the moon (Goddess Stone) and the sacred Feminine. The Stone if kept under the pillow will reveal truths in dreams.

STARSIGN: Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

HEALING PROPERTIES: Magical Healers have used the stones for centuries in the calming of nerves, problems related to the Solar Plexus and Indigestion (ulcers)

MAGICAL POWERS: Like with all moonstone the influence of the Devine Feminine brings clarity to difficult decisions. One can almost feel the stroke of the Mother Goddess hand to bring assurance that everything will be ok. A gentle nurturing feeling soothes away stress and eases tension brought forth through negativity.

When you are unsure what kind of action to take in a troubling situation, holding a piece of Adularia in your right hand will aid with the natural intuition that you already poses to make a clear and calculated decision.