Welcome to Jewellery By Joe

My very first memory of  gemstones is of a sparkling gemstone bracelet that I saw in the window of a tiny little store whilst wandering the lanes of Jerusalem with my parents. I begged them to take me back to the little shop so that I could look at it one more time.

Somewhere during the day my mother slipped away and secretly bought it for me. Since that day I have never worn a watch. You will find the wrist of my left arm always adorned by a gemstone and silver bracelet.

This is how my passion for gemstones and jewellery started. Whilst other children my age were collecting cars, stamps and building model airplanes, I collected stones and shells from all over the world. I surrounded myself with beads and eventually started designing and selling my own jewellery. I still do this for a living today.

I have found great joy in supplying stores throughout South-Africa and the world with rare and precious pieces of jewellery, created and designed by individuals with a passion and love for stones, pearls and what I like to call Jewellery Art.

It has been my greatest desire to bring joy to others though jewellery. Nothing is better than helping a couple in love to find the perfect stone and design for an engagement ring, or dressing the bride in an everlasting sentimental piece of beautiful jewellery on her wedding day.

I have a great affection for the healing properties of stones and believe in prescribing specific gemstones as the cure to ailments of the heart, times of distress, and the bringing of a little bit of extra luck. (Your qualified and handsome GP should still be seen for the ailment of serious physical distress)

It is my hope that through my blog I will be able to touch the lives of other stone and jewellery enthusiasts, designers and collectors.